Charter of the capital city of St. Petersburg

      St. Petersburg. Statutes.
Charter of the capital city of St. Petersburg: [Approved September 12, 1798. In Gatchina]. - [St. Petersburg: Type. Gos. military. Collegium, 1798]. - [5], 23, [9] p. ; 2 °. -
From contents: on p. [1-5] of the first series: a shmutstitel, a table of contents placed on the back of the shmutztool, "Decree ... from the Governing Senate" of September 22, 1798, the personal "Decree to our Senate" of Paul I of September 12, 1798, application (pp. [1-9] of the third series) .
I. Paul I (the emperor of Russia, 1754-1801). II. St. Petersburg. Laws. III. Russia. The Emperor (1796-1801, Paul I). 1. St. Petersburg, city. Charter. 1798. 2. Power (collection). 3. St. Petersburg: pages of history (collection).
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