Finogenov, Vasily Semenovich. The order of Lenin

Finogenov, Vasily Semenovich. Order of Lenin: [photo] / photo. A. Melentiev. - Electronic data (2 files: 1.3 MB). - St. Petersburg: Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library, 2015. -
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On the photo: Order of Lenin № 200291 Finogenova Vasily Semenovich (1902- 1984). The Order of Lenin is a sign depicting a portrait of Lenin's medallion from platinum, placed in a circle framed by a golden wreath of wheat ears. The dark gray enamel background around the medallion portrait is smooth and is bounded by two concentric gold rims, between which ruby-red enamel is laid. On the left side of the wreath there is a five-pointed star, at the bottom - a sickle and a hammer, on the right at the top of the wreath - an unfolded banner of the red banner. The star, the sickle and hammer and the banner are covered with ruby-red enamel and are edged along the contour by golden rims. On the banner there is an inscription in gold letters "LENIN". The order with the ear and ring is connected with a pentagonal shoe covered with a silk moire ribbon, in the middle of the ribbon there is a longitudinal red strip, along the edges of the middle strip there are two golden strips, then two red and two golden strips. Features of the order: hanging, oval shape. The height of the order is 45 mm (including the ear in the upper part), the width of the order is 38 mm. On the reverse of the Order, in its central part, there is a shallow depression in the form of a regular circle with a diameter of more than 20 mm. Three rivets holding the platinum bas-relief of VI Lenin are located in typical places (5, 7 and 12 hours). The stamp "LENINGRAD COINTH YARD" is executed in convex letters and is located in the upper part of the rounded depression in three lines. The word "LENINGRAD" is written along the arc, along the upper boundary of the depression (from 10 to 2 hours on the dial). The words "COIN" and "YARD" are written horizontally, one under the other. Between the words "LENINGRADSKY" and "COIN" there is an upper rivet. The order number is made by stamped numbers, located under the two bottom rivets. Location: From private collection .
I. Finogenov, Vasily Semenovich (1902-1984). II. Melentiev, Alexei Mikhailovich (1958-). III. The Leningrad Mint. Finogenov, Vasily Semenovich (1902-1984) - Documents and materials. 2. Memory of the Great Victory (collection). 3. Order of Lenin - Photos.
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