So that the connection of times does not fall apart ...

  Karatygina, Tatyana Feodorovna      
So that the connection of times does not fall ...: (to the 75th anniversary of MGUKI) / TF Karatygina; Moscow. state. culture and arts. - Moscow: Moscow. state. University of Culture and Art, 2005. - 238 p. ; 21 cm. - On the 4th. reg. aut .: TF Karatygina, teacher, library specialist, doctor of medical sciences, prof., acad. Intern. acad. informatization, hon. cultural worker Ros. Federation. - Bibliograf. in a substring. note. - Names. decree .: p. 233-236. - ISBN 5-94778-090-9 (in the region) .
1. Moscow State University of Culture and Arts - History. 2. The people (the collection).
ББК 71р311 (2-2Мос)
ББК 851р311 (2-2Мос)
The edition contains: mentors for the blessing we will return; we would like to be heard; profession in the light of conscience, etc.
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ISBN 5-94778-090-9
Publisher Моск. гос. ун-т культуры и искусства
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