The evolution of Soviet legislation regulating working time and rest time

  Gnetova, Lyudmila Valentinovna      
Evolution of the Soviet legislation regulating working hours and rest time: the dissertation ... The master of laws: 12.00.01 / Gnetova Lyudmila Valentinovna; Moscow Humanitarian and Economic Institute. Nizhny Novgorod branch. - Nizhny Novgorod, 2008. - 250 p. -
Bibliography: p. 223 - 250 and in a footnote. note. .
1. Code of Labor Laws - Dissertations. THE USSR. 2. Power (collection). 3. Theory and history of law and state; the history of the doctrines of law and the state. 4. Working hours - Legal regulation - USSR - Theses. 5. Rest - Legal regulation - USSR - Theses. 6. Labor legislation - the USSR - Theses.
ББК 67.405.1-32я031
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