Ethnopolitical and regional problems of Russian federalism

Mamsurov, Taimuraz Dzambekovich (Doctor of Political Sciences).    
Ethnopolitical and regional problems of Russian federalism: dissertation for the degree of Doctor of Political Sciences: specialty 23.00.02 : protected 29.05.2002 / Mamsurov Taimuraz Dzambekovich; Institute of Comparative Political Science of the Russian Academy of Sciences. - Moscow, 2002. - 444 p. : tab. -
List of references: p. 429-442 and in the references at the end of chapters .
1. Power (collection). 2. Political institutions, ethnopolitical conflictology, national and political processes and technologies. 3. Federalism - Ethnopolitical factor - Russian Federation - Theses. 4. Russian Federation - Subjects - Federalism - Theses.
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