The legal bulletin. G. 8 1876, [book. 8/9], August and September

The legal bulletin: the edition of the Moscow legal society. - G. 1 1867, book. 1 (July) - G. 24 1892, V. 12. - Moscow, 1867-1892. -
Editors: NV Kalachev (1867-1870), since 1872 - VN Leshkov and AM Fal'kovskii, since 1878 - VN Leshkov, MM Kovalevsky and S A. Muromtsev; from 1880 until the end of the main and permanent editor was SA Muromtsev, and as a second editor were different faces, often replaced (VN Leshkov, MM Kovalevsky, VA Goltsev, V. M Przewalski).
The magazine without preliminary censorship was published in Moscow in 1867-1892 by the Moscow Law Society and in St. Petersburg (from 1860 to 1864 as an appendix to the Archive of Historical and Practical Information). He left the city from July 1867 to June 1868, after a six-month break in 1869, then ceased and resumed only in April 1871, after which he left regularly until the end of 1892. Back to text 186 / 1868-1877 Legal Gazette issued by the Moscow Law Society; 1877-1892 The legal bulletin.
Subd: 1877-1892 The edition of the Moscow legal society.
It turns out instead of "the Legal newspaper" .
I. Kalachov, Nikolai Vasilyevich (1819-1885). II. Leshkov, Vasily Nikolaevich (1810-1881). III. Muromtsev, Sergey Andreevich (1850-1910). IV. Falkovsky, Adam Mikhailovich (? -1896). V. Kovalevsky, Maxim Maksimovich (1851-1916). VI. Moscow Law Society. 1. Power (collection). 2. Law - Periodicals. 3. Juridical journals - Russia - 19 - 20 centuries.
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G. 8 1876, [book. 8/9], August and September. - In the University Press (Katkov and Co.), 1876. - 91, 61 p. -
Ver. reg. The legal bulletin. 1876. Books eighth and ninth. August and September.
Contents: The prison issue in its present state. Prison literature or prison studies / [op. ] D. Thalberg. Measures for the protection of vicious and homeless children / translation from French KT About codification and its impact on legislation and on the science of law: Per. with frants. : (end) / [op.] prof. Faculty of Law in Toulouse S. Ginoulyak. On the form of the university teaching of law science / [op.] PL Karasevich. On the crime of bestiality by the code of punishment / [op.] NM Puzanova. When it passes on the public sale of immovable property, the ownership of the sold immovable property from the former owner of it to the bidders / [v.] A. Lieven, [and others]. - Bibliograf. in a substring. note. .
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