Atlas of the Russian,

Atlas of the Russian,: Consisting of nineteen special maps representing the All-Russian Empire with frontier lands,: According to the rules of geographical and modern observatories,: With the enclosed general map of the great sowing of the Empire, / Effort and works of the Imp. Academy of Sciences. - St.Petersburg: [Type. Acad. Sciences], 1745. - [2], 1-10, 13-20 [= 18] with., 20 liters. kart. ; 2 °. -
Tit. l. otpech. black and red colors.
In sost. Academicians Zh.N. Delil, Leonard Euler, H.N. Winsheim, G. Geynzius.
The Atlas was baked. on the orders of I.D. Schumacher.
The prospectus, printed in 1745, was attached to Atlas until a new prospectus was printed in 1747.
Despite the fact that the Atlas is the top of Rus. cartographer. end of the first half of the 18th century, there were many errors in it. In some spec. maps and the general. card in the part relating to Siberia, have not been introduced. G.F. Miller.
In the pre. includes "A brief note on the composition of Landcard", publ. earlier in the "Notes to Vedomosti" (1742, ch.85-89, p.337-356) and tab. "Longitude and breadth of the noblest places of the Russian Empire."
Atlas was in great demand, and Acad. book. shop for 1749-1762 gg. repeatedly appealed to the Acad. a type. with a request for additional care. 25, 50, 100 copies. of this Atlas.
SK XVIII. - The book. Sat.83. P.175.
I. Gainzius, Gottfried (1709-1769). II. Schumacher, Johann Daniel (1690-1761). III. Miller, Gerard Friedrich (1705-1783). IV. Delisle, Joseph Nicola (1688-1768). V. Euler, Leonard (1707-1783). VI. Winsheim, Christian Nicholas von (? -1751) .1. Russia - History - 18th c. - Maps.
ББК 63.3 (2) 46я64
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Publisher [Тип. Акад. наук]
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