Belaia (White) tower, Transfiguration monastery

The White Tower, the Transfiguration Monastery. rus
  Brumfield, William Craft  (1944-).    
Belaia (White) tower, Transfiguration monastery: [photo]. - July 25, 1998. - 1 photo: colored. - The name, date and location are provided by the photographer. - Photographer-defined number: soloc-03-13 .
1. The Transfiguration of Solovetsky Stavropegic Monastery - Photos. 2. Photos of W. K. Brumfield (collection). 3. Territory of Russia (collection). 4. Landscape photos.
BBC 63.3 (2Ros-4Arch) 64-37y61
BBK 86.372L.I611
E-copy source: Broomfield, W. K., private collection
Booth, Broomfield, W. K., private collection
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