The main gateway of the Tsarevna retreat. The Hungry Steppe


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Main sluice of the Tsarevna Reservoir. Golodnaia Steppe. eng. The main gateway of the Tsarevna retreat. A hungry steppe. rus
  Prokudin-Gorskii, Sergei Mikhailovich  (1863-1944).    
Golovnoi shliuz otvoda TSarevna. Golodnaia step '[graphic]. - [between 1905 and 1915]. - 1 negative (3 frames): glass, b \u0026 w, three-tone separation; 24x9 .
1. Territory of Russia (collection). 2. Reservoirs. 3. Sluices. 4. Irrigation facilities - Hungry steppe (Central Asia) - beg. 20 cent. -- Photo. 5. Color of negatives. 6. Glass negatives. 7. Photos are documentary.
BBK 26.89 (543.58) i61
BBK 85.163 (2)
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Original storage: Library of Congress; Prints and Photographs Division
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