General view of the river. Chusovaya from the Vinokurnago stone. In the distance you can see the swan of Lebyazhy


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General view of the Chusovaia River seen from Vinokurnyi Rock. Lebiazhii Rock is visible in the distance. eng. General view of the river. Chusovaya from the Vinokurnogo stone. In the distance, a swan is seen. rus
  Prokudin-Gorskii, Sergei Mikhailovich  (1863-1944).    
Obshchii vid r. Chusovoi ot kamnia Vinokurnago. Vdali viden kamen 'Lebiazhii [graphic]. - 1912. - 1 negative (3 frames): glass, b \u0026 w, three-tone separation; 24x9 .
1. Territory of Russia (collection). 2. Fences. 3. Rivers. 4. Nature - Perm province - 1912 - Photographs. 5. Chusovaya, river (Ural) - Swimming pool - Photographs. 6. Color of negatives. 7. Glass negatives. 8. Photos are documentary.
BBK 26.89 (235.55) y61
BBK 85.163 (2)
E-copy source: Library of Congress
Original storage: Library of Congress; Prints and Photographs Division
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