Shoreline of Onega River (from lake Lacha)

The coastline of the Onega River (view from Lake Lacha). rus
Brumfield, William Craft (1944-).    
Shoreline of Onega river (from lake Lacha) [Izomaterial]: [photo]. - November 25, 1999. - 1 photo: colored. -
The name, date and place are given by the photographer.
Number, determined by the photographer: kargc-01-14.
Center: Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ, south view. Left center: Church of the Presentation. Center: bell tower. Right: Church of Nativity of John the baptist. - It is part of the collection of photos by W. K. Brumfield.
In the center: Cathedral of the Nativity of the Virgin, view from the south. To the left of the center: Church of the Presentation of the Lord. In the center: the bell tower. Right: Church of John the Baptist .
I. Broomfield, William Kraft (1944 -). 1. Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ (Kargopol, town, Arkhangelsk region) - Photographs. 2. Church of John the Baptist (Kargopol, city, Arkhangelsk region) - Photographs. 3. The Church of the Presentation into the Temple of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Kargopol, the city, Arkhangelsk Region) - Photographs. 4. Photos of W. K. Brumfield (collection). 5. Territory of Russia (collection). 6. Arkhangelsk region: pages of history (collection). 7. Kargopol, city (Arkhangelsk region) - Architecture - Photographs. 8. Landscape photos.
BBC 63.3 (2Ros-4Arch-2Kargopol) 64-37y61
BBK 85.113 (2Ros-4Arkh-2Kargopol) i611
The BBK is 86.372 years old.
E-copy source: Broomfield, W. K., private collection
Bryffield, W. K., private collection
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