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Voter alphabet: [training video film] / directors: Egor Bychkov, Sergei Zhuzhnev; the authors of the script: Pavel Fedorov, Oleg Abramkin, Stanislav Alekseev; installation: Egor Bychkov; operators: Egor Bychkov, Nikolai Raytsev, Andrei Osin; the text reads: Oleg Kozlov; consultants: Konstantin Knyaginin, Olga Zhuravleva; Project Manager: Pavel Fedorov; Presidential Library. - Electronic data (1 video file). - St. Petersburg: Presidential Library, 2016. -
Systems. Requirements: 1 GHz or higher; RAM 512 MB or higher; Windows; Windows Media Player; video adapter; sound. card.
Access mode: the Internet portal of the Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library.
The title from the screen.
Duration: 7:33 p.
Multimedia electronic publication.
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The film tells about the main milestones in the history of the electoral system and elections in Russia, special attention is paid to the characteristics of the modern electoral system of the Russian Federation .
I. Bychkov, Yegor Romanovich. II. Zhuzhnev, Sergey Anatolyevich. III. Fedorov, Pavel Viktorovich (Doctor of Historical Sciences, 1976-). IV. Abramkin, Oleg Sergeevich. V. Alekseev, Stanislav Leonidovich. VI. Osin, Andrei Alekseevich. VII. Raytsev, Nikolai Yakovlevich. VIII. Kozlov, Oleg. IX. Knyaginin, Konstantin Nikolaevich (1959-). X. Zhuravleva, Olga Nikolaevna (lawyer). XI. Presidential Library. B. N. Yeltsin (St. Petersburg) .1. Power (collection). 2. Electoral system in Russia: history and modernity (collection). 3. Electoral system - History - Russia - Multimedia publications. 4. Electoral system - Russian Federation - Multimedia publications. 5. Elections - History - Russia - Multimedia publications. 6. Elections - Russian Federation - Multimedia publications.
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