Act of military surrender


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Act of military surrender = Act of military surrender = Kapitulationserklaerung. - Berlin, May 8, 1945. - 8 L. - (Memory of the Great Victory). - At the end of the signature text: On behalf of the German High Command: Friedeburg, Keitel, Stumpf. In the presence of: under the authority of the Supreme High Command of the Red Army, Marshal of the Soviet Union G. Zhukov. Under the authority of the Supreme Commander of the expeditionary forces of the Allies, Chief Marshal of Aviation, Tedder. At the signing also attended as witnesses: the commander of US Strategic Air Force General Spaats. Commander-in-Chief of the French army, General Delatre de Tassigny. - Text of Russian, English, German. - Typewritten text on one side of the sheet .
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Foreign Policy Archive of the Russian Federation.
1. Germany - Capitulation - 1945, May - Documents and materials.
ББК 63.3 (2) 622,13ю11
Act of unconditional surrender of the German Armed Forces. It was signed on May 8, 1945 in the mountains. Berlin.
E-copy source: Russian Foreign Policy Archive

RF Ministry of Foreign Affairs
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