Military architecture. Hypothetical, and eclectic

  Sturm, Leonard Christophe  (1669-1719).     rus
Military architecture. Hypothetical, and ecclesiastical [Text]: That is, correct instruction as different German, French, Galanic, and Italic manors. With a good profit, so in regular, as in irregular fortifications, it is possible to climb. : Of the seventy or more different manors, which from the current engineers are selected, from part by the author himself published. : In conversation with some high special. / From the public professor Sturm. And now the decree of the royal presbyvetta majesty is published .- In Moscow: Moscow Printed Court, March 13, 1709 .- 237, [3] p., [53] f. fig .: tab. ; 8 ° (17 cm) see. - Ex. def .: no [2] l. heck. SK 1708-1725; Trans. book. LK Sturm: Architectura militaris hypotetica et eclectica: Das ist eine getreue Anthropology - Manierung mit gutem Nutzen sowohl in der regular als irregular Fortification, bedienen könne ... / Von Leonhard Christoph Sturm. Nürnberg, 1702; The set size is 120 / 121x82 mm; Trans. - A. G. Golovkin; Grav. IA Bliklanta .
1. fortification 2. military engineering
ББК Т3 (2) 462-54,02
ББК 63.3 (2) 511-35
Source: RSL
Publisher Московский Печатный двор
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