The Great Battle of Stalingrad

Vodolagin, Mikhail Alexandrovich    
The Great Battle of Stalingrad / MA Vodolagin. - Stalingrad: B. and., 1944. - 15 p. ; 21. -
One of the first historical essays briefly describes the course of the Battle of Stalingrad, the strategic goals and tactics of the Hitlerite command, the selfless defense of the city, the offensive and defeat of the Germans at Stalingrad. In the pamphlet the heroes-defenders of Stalingrad and certain parts and formations, famous for themselves in the battle, are named, the eternal historical significance of the battle for the Volga for the Great Patriotic War and world history is revealed. - 5000 copies. .
1. The Great Patriotic War - Battle of Stalingrad - 1942-1943.
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