Types of North-West Siberia


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Types of North-West Siberia [Izomaterial]: from the collection of the chief of the hydrographic expedition to the mouths of the river. Obi in 1881, Colonel S. A. Moiseyev: [album]. - St. Petersburg: The printing house "Laptev, Gorbov and Gratsiansky", 1882. - [2] p., 7 p. yl. : blueprint. -
Contents: Views: Monument to Ermak in Tobolsk; Dwellings of fishermen near Tobolsk; The village of Small Atlim; The village of Kushevac; Church in the village of Obdorsk; The village of Obdorsk; Yurts on the island of Puykov.
I. Moiseev, S.A.1. Territory of Russia (collection). 2. Siberia North-Western - 19th century. - Photo Albums.
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Издательство Светопечатное заведение "Лаптев, Горбов и Грацианский"
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