Train station [Izomaterial] = La gare = Bahnhof: view photo. - [beg. XX century.]. - Phototype; 12x18; 9.6 × 15.9. - (Kiiv - Souvenir de Kieff). - The image is horizontal. - Railway station building on the railroad side .
1. Territory of Russia (collection). 2. Railway stations (railway) - Architecture - Kiev, city (Ukraine) - beg. 20 cent. -- Photo. 3. Kiev - the beginning. 20 cent. - Species photo. 4. Photos are documentary.
1. The station. 2. city. 3. phototype
BBK 85.163 (4Ukr-2Kyiv)
ББК 63.3 (28-8Кие-2Киев) 53я61
ББК 39.213г (4Укр-2Киев) я61
The first railway station in Kiev was built in 1870 in the style of Old English Gothic architecture designed by architect Vishnevsky to serve two railway branches - Kyiv-Balt and Kursk-Kiev. Later, the structure underwent a number of changes. The new building of the railway station was built on the site of the old one in 1929-1932. according to the project of architect A. Verbitsky. During the Great Patriotic War, it was partially destroyed, in 1945-1949. - restored and reconstructed. The last reconstruction was carried out in 2001
Source of electronic copy: National Parliamentary Library of Ukraine
Location of original material: National Parliamentary Library of Ukraine
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