World Creative Union. The reader chooses the genre // Soviet Crimea. 1987, No. 111 (12806) June 10

World Creative Union: "Round table" in the hotel "Yalta"; The reader chooses the genre: our interlocutor is the Soviet writer Georgy Vainer / introduced T. Barskaya; A. Rudoi recorded the conversation; photo by V. Makhinko and V. Bobrovsky. - (The first meeting in the Crimea, from the field to the counter). -
At the 1st photo: "Seminov's roundtable" is being conducted by Yu. Semyonov, in the second image - Georgy Vainer // Soviet Crimea. - 1987, No. 111 (12806) on 10 June. - 1989. - P. 2 .
I. Barskaya, Tatyana. II. Ore, A .. III. Makhinko, V .. IV. Bobrovsky, V.I. Semenov, Julian Semenovich (1931 - 1993). 2. Weiner, Georgiy Alexandrovich (1938-2009). 3. International Association of Detective and Political Novels. 4. The people (the collection). 5. Yu. S. Semenov (collection). 6. Russia in the Face (collection).
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