The geographic vocabulary of the Russian state, or the Dictionary, describing in terms of the alphabetical order of the river, l...

  Polunin, Fedor Afanasyevich  (1735 or 1736-not later than 1788).     rus
The geographic vocabulary of the Russian state, or Dictionary, describing the elementary order of the river, lakes, seas, mountains, cities, fortresses, noble monasteries, jails, jasashnye zimovia, ore plants and prose memorable places of the vast Russian empire: With the announcement and the places that in the former and present Turkish war, and some formerly from Persia, Russian courage was captured, / From memorable news collected by the collegiate assessor and the city of Vereya by the military leader Fyodor Polunin, And with corrections and replenishments for the benefit of the publication in print published, with works and with the foreword of the State Foreign Affairs of the Collegium under the Moscow archive of the collegiate adviser, Imp. Academy of Sciences of the present, and various foreign academies and scholars meeting in England, Sweden, Holland, Germany, an honorary member, and the Paris Academy of Sciences correspondent Gerard Friderik Miller. .- Moscow: Depends on Chr. L. Vevera:, 1773 .- [16], 479 pp., 1 liters. yl. ; 8 ° cm. First Russian. geogr. words. SK XVIII; 2 nd ed. words. FA Polunin, increased about five times compared with the first, came out in 1788-1789. Ed. and with add. LM Maksimovich under the zagl .: New and complete geographical dictionary of the Russian state ... .
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Publisher На иждивении Хр. Л. Вевера : Напеч. при Имп. Моск. ун-те