Diary of PA Valuev Minister of Internal Affairs. T. 1. 1861-1864 years.


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  Valuev, Petr Alexandrovich  (1814-1890).    
Diary of PA Valuev Minister of Internal Affairs: in 2 tons / PA Valuyev; [Ed., Intro., biogr. essay and comment. P. A. Zayonchkovskogo] Acad. Sciences of the USSR, Institute of History, Ch. arch. Exercise. under the Council of Ministers of the USSR . - Moscow: Publishing House of the USSR Academy of Sciences, 1961 . - 23 cm
T. 1: 1861-1864 gg. - 1961. - 420, [2] p. .
1. Valuev, Pyotr Alexandrovich (Minister of the Interior, 1815-1890)
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