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  Ruban, Vasily Grigorievich  (1742-1795).    
Road list: Representing the most famous Russian and foreign cities in Europe and Asia: With a sign under which degree and minute of latitude and longitude, under what rivers or waters those cities stand, and how many miles from St. Petersburg and Moscow are located. / Compiled and published for the benefit of society V.R. - [1st embossed by the publisher]. - [St.Petersburg]: [Type. Mor. cadet. body], [1785]. - [4] c. ; 2 °. - Without tit. l. Described by the title. - SK XVIII .
1. Cities - Russia - 18th .. 2. Cities - European countries - 18th ..
BBC 63.3 (2) 5-22
BBK 63.3 (4) 5-22
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Издательство [Тип. Мор. кадет. корпуса]
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