Ancient Russian hierography,

Ancient Russian Hydrography: Containing the description of the Moscow State of rivers, canals, lakes, clodia, and what are the cities and tracts for them and how far apart. - St.Petersburg: Published by Nikolai Novikov: [Type. Acad. Sciences], 1773. - [12], 233, [2] p. ; 8. - 2nd ed. came out in 1792 under the zagl .: Book of the Great Drawing or the Ancient Map of the Russian State ... - 1 st ed. "Books of the Great Drawing" compiled in the Discharge Order in 1627 - SK XVIII. - [List of signatories for the publication] (S. [5-6]); [Knigoprodavcheskaya painting by K.V. Miller] (S. [1-2] of the second series) .
1. Waterways - History - Russia.
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Publisher Изданная Николаем Новиковым [Тип. Акад. наук]
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