The defender, the head and the intermediary in affairs on legal proceedings to civil and criminal

  Kapustin       rus
Defender, leader and mediator in cases of legal proceedings in civil and criminal: Supplemental Handy book for all who have business at the Justices of the Peace, in their congresses, in the district courts, judicial chambers and a notary: With the addition of: patterns, forms and terms for litigants and the defendants; punishment of criminal and correctional; cassation decisions; about the rights, duties and responsibilities of clergymen / comp. AD Kapustin .- Moscow: type. S. Orlov, 1869 .- 596, XII p. ; 17 centimeters .
ББК 67.410.1-1я2
ББК 67.410.2-1я2
ББК 67.3 (2) 52
Source: RSL
Storage: RSL
Publisher тип. С.Орлова
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