From the history of social trends in Russia


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  Dovnar-Zapolsky, Mitrofan Viktorovich  (1867-1934).     rus
From the history of social trends in Russia: the articles of MV Dovnar-Zapolskago .- 2 nd ed., Ext. new articles .- Kiev: Iv. Ives. Samonenko, 1910.-333, [2] p. ; 23 cm. - The Age of Emperor Alexander I (1908); The origin of the Ministries in Russia and the decree on the rights of the Senate on September 8, 1802 (1904); The political ideals of MM Speranskago (1904); New notes of the Decembrist (1902); Pages from the history of serfdom in the XVIII-XIX centuries. (1904); The historical process of the Russian people in Russian historiography (1901); Historical views of VB Antonovich (1908); Timofey Nikolayevich Granovsky (1813-1855) (1905); Reform of the secondary school under Empress Catherine II (1901); Historical reminder of Chernigov (1908) .
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ББК 63.3 (2) я44
Source: RSL
Издательство издание Ив. Ив. Самоненко
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