Historical Review of the Russian Law

  Eugene  (Bolkhovitinov, Evfimiy Alekseevich, 1767-1837).    
Historical review of the Russian law: With the addition of information: 1) about the ancient Moscow orders that existed before the time of Peter the Great, 2) about the old ranks in Russia, and 3) about the places and ranks that had preceded in Little Russia. and [aut. preface.] Ivan Glazunov. - St.Petersburg: Pecs. in the type. I. Glazunov, 1826. - [4], CXXXI with. ; 26 cm. - Author. in the book. not specified; it is established on izd .: Rus. anonymous. and subscription. pseudo. works of the press, 1801-1926. L., 1977. Issue. 1. P. 106; Gennady. A reference dictionary of Russian writers ... T. 1, p. 332 .
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