Historical description of the Krasnogorsk Monastery

  Macarius  (Mirolyubov Nikolai Kirillovich, Archbishop of Don and Novocherkassk, 1817-1894).    
Historical description of the Krasnogorsky Monastery / communication. Makarii the Bishop. Arkhangelsk and Kholmogorsky. - Moscow: History and Antiquities are growing. at Moscow. un-te, 1880. - [2], 131 s., [1] l. color. yl. ; 27 cm. - From the Readings in the Imp. The island of history and antiquities grew. at Moscow. un-te 1880, book. 3. .
1. Religion - Christianity - Orthodoxy - Russian Orthodox Church - Church organization - Monasticism. Monastic Combined
BBK 86.372
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Publisher О-во истории и древностей рос. при Моск. ун-те
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