History of the Russian State. T. 1

Karamzin, Nikolai Mikhailovich (1766-1826).    
History of the Russian State / / Nikolai Karamzin]. - St. Petersburg: printed in the Military Printing Office of the Main Staff of His Imperial Majesty, [1816] -1817. - 8 ° (21 cm). -
At the end of the foreword by author: Nikolai Karamzin.
Volumes 2, 4 and 6 are printed in the Medical Printing House.
There are errors in the columnar.
Textual rubrication in the form of marginalia.
In the "Notes" to the "History ..." extensive extracts from chronicles and scientific literature. Although N. M. Karamzin noted in the preface: "Many of my notes and extracts frighten me" (vol. 1, pp. XXV), the section has an independent scientific significance. There are also footnotes of the author.
The first eight volumes of the "History of the Russian State" were published in 1816-1817 and went on sale on February 1, 1818, with the commissioner A. Kosmatov (source: Son of the Fatherland, 1818. Ch 43, No. 5. P. 225). The circulation is 3000 copies. The price of the volumes was 50 rubles. The publication was financed by Alexander I, and the right to sell the print run remained with N. M. Karamzin. The proofreading of the edition was kept by the author himself. The book was printed simultaneously in several printing houses (military, medical and senate). The circulation was sold out more quickly than in a month, and the second edition, which was carried out in 1818-1819 by IV Slenin, was required. In 1821 a new, ninth volume was published, and in 1824 - the next two volumes. NM Karamzin did not have time to finish the twelfth volume of his work, which was released almost three years after his death. The twelfth volume was prepared by KS Serbinovich and DN Bludov according to the drafts of N. M. Karamzin and published at the beginning of 1829 by D. N. Bludv. The printing of the book was temporarily suspended by order of AA Zakrevsky, who insisted that the publication pass censorship (the case of permission to print "History" without censorship, only "by the highest order" of Alexander I. Source: RGIA, p. 777, op.1 , D. 218 (1816)) .
1. The people (the collection). 2. Power (collection). 3. N. M. Karamzin (collection). 4. Russia - History - before the beginning. 17 in ..
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T. 1. - [1816]. - XXXVII, [1], 510 s., [1] l. portraiture. ; 8 ° (21 cm). -
Preface of the author on p. IX - XXVIII.
On p. 255-503: Notes to the I volume "The History of the Russian State" [N. M. Karamzin].
There are errors in the column numbers.
Dedication of the author to Alexander I on p. III - VIII.
Bibliography in footnotes and in the text.
1. Power (collection). 2. The people (the collection). 3. N. M. Karamzin (collection). 4. Russia - History - before the beginning. 17 in ..
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