The history of the Imperial Academy of Sciences in St. Petersburg. T. 1

Pekarsky, Petr Petrovich (1827-1872).    
History of the Imperial Academy of Sciences in St. Petersburg / [] Peter Pekarsky. - Санкт-Петербург: издание Отд-tion рус. yaz. and the literature of the Imperial Academy. Sciences, 1870-1873. - 26 centimeters .
1. Academy of Sciences (St. Petersburg). 2. Culture. The science. Enlightenment - Science. Scientific research work - Organization of science - Russia - Network of scientific institutions. Types of scientific institutions and organizations. Separate scientific institutions and organizations - Academy of Sciences - History of Science. 3. Russia.
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T. 1. - 1870. - LXVIII, 774 p. .
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Publisher издание Отд-ния рус. яз. и словесности Императорской акад. наук
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