Map of Vladimir county, Vladimir province

      Vladimirsky district (Vladimir province). Map. [1: 16,800].
Map of Vladimirsky district, Vladimir province [Map] / Administration and the Legislature. Coll. Vladimir. region., State. archive Vladimir. reg. [and etc.]. - The reprint. reproduction. [Vladimir]: publication of Vladimir province typographic lithography, 1900. - [1: 16,800], 4 versts in inch. - Vladimir: Niva, 2002. - 1 to.: Color. ; 45 x 58. - (Series "Historical maps of the Vladimir region"). -
In the original. izd .: On behalf of G. Head of the province, the map was compiled in 1900 with the Atlas "Mende". The map was drawn and drew Pavlov's surveyor.
I. Pavlov. II. Vladimir region. Administration. Territory of Russia: Ivanovo Region (collection). 2. Ivanovo region: pages of history (collection). 3. Vladimirsky district (Vladimir province) - Geography - con. 19th century. - Maps. 4. General geographic maps. 5. Geographic maps.
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