Map of Irkutsk province

Map of Irkutsk Gubernia [Maps]: [with changes]. - [1: 168,000], 40 miles in English. inch (1, 7 km in 1 cm). - СПБ: Картогр. head. G. de Kelsch, [after 1911]. - 1 in.: Color. ; 40х51 (46х55). - Cartographer. grid through 2 °. - Installed. debt. from Pulkovo. - Without relief. - Usl. signs: the land of old peasants, foreigners, Cossacks, resettled. sections, image. before and in 1912, the district will arrange for it. works, forest dachas, rn, is covered. hydraulic engineering. issled., roads and roads. research, relocated. points of movement, honey. points, boundaries of subareas, etc. .
1. Territory of Russia (collection). 2. Irkutsk region: pages of history (collection). 3. Irkutsk Province - Maps. 4. Geographic maps.
BBK 26.89 (253.5) i64
Source of electronic copy: Omsk GONB
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Omskaya GONB
Publisher Картогр. зав. Г. де Кельш
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