Map of Central Asia


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Map of Central Asia [Maps]. - [1: 420 000], 100 c. in an inch (4.2 km in 1 cm), the graph. mb in versts. - [St. Petersburg]: printed in the lithograph of V. V. Komarov, [not earlier than 1880]. - 1 in.: Color. - Cartographer. grid through 2 °. - Installed. debt. from Pulkovo. - Contents: The main campaigns of Russian troops: Prince. Bekovich in 1717; Perovsky in Khiva in 1839; Perovsky to the Ak-Mosque in 1853; Chernyaeva to Chemkent, Tashkent and Jizzakh in 1854-65. ; Verevkina to Khiva in 1873; Lomakin [to Khiva in] 1873; Markozova [to Khiva in] 1873; Kaufman [to Khiva in] 1873; Head [to Khiva in] 1873; Skobelev in Akhal-Tek in 1880; Kuropatkina [in Akhal-Tek in] 1880 .
1. Territory of Russia (collection). 2. Kirghizia: geography, ethnography, history (collection). 3. Tajikistan: geography, ethnography, history (collection). 4. Central Asia - Accession to Russia - 19th century. - Maps. 5. Military historical maps.
BBK 68.35 (2) 5я64
ББК 63.3 (2) 522-69я64
Source of electronic copy: Central Scientific Library of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan
Location on the original: ЦНБ АН АН Республики Tajikistan
Издательство печатано в литографии В. В. Комарова
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