Far North

Polenov, Alexey Dmitrievich (1845-).    
The Far North: a private pavilion of the Society of the Moscow-Yaroslavl-Arkhangelsk Railroad / [comp. A.D. Polenov]; XX dep. Vseros. prom. and the artist. exhibition in 1896 in N.-Novgorod. - Moscow: Type. AI Mamontova, 1896. - IV, 102 c., 15 liters. yl. ; 25. -
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On the region. Fading North.
I. All-Russian Industrial and Art Exhibition. Territory (collection). 2. Development of the Arctic (collection). 3. Russia - History - European part - North.
BBC 63.3 (281) 52-7
BBK 26.89 (281)
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Publisher Т-во тип. А. И. Мамонтова
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