Brief remarks on the Volga Kalmyks


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Popov, Alexander Vasilyevich (1808-1865).    
Brief remarks on the Volga Kalmyks / [Al. Popov, prof. Kazan. un-ta]. - [St. Petersburg: type. Imp. Acad. Sciences, 1838]. -32 seconds. ; 22 cm. -
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From the "Journal of the Ministry of Public Affairs." Apr. 1839, vol. 22, No. 4. - Without tit.L. and region
1. The people (the collection). 2. Territory of Russia: Republic of Kalmykia (collection). 3. The Republic of Kalmykia: pages of history (collection).
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Издательство тип. Имп. Акад. наук
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