A brief explanation of the device of the church and church utensils, as accessories of worship, with a brief summary of the sacr...

  Bukharev, John Nikolaevich  (? -1909).    
A brief explanation of the structure of the church and the church's utensils as an accessory to the divine service, with a brief summary of the sacred and clergymen and liturgical books: In questions and answers: With images of the temple and utensils: (Lessons for public schools) / Comp. diak. I. Bukharev Edition of br. Salaev. - Moscow: [Type. Gracheva and K], 1871. - 95 p. : ill. ; 17 cm. - On the region. Date: 1872 .
BBK 86.37
Copy source: RSL
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Publisher [Тип. Грачева и К]
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