Peasants in Russia

  Belyaev, Ivan Dmitrievich  (1810-1873).    
Peasants in Russia: a study on the gradual change in the value of peasants in Russian society: with a portrait of the author, a brief biographical sketch and a list of the most important historical works of his / ordinary prof. Moscow University of I. D. Belyaev. - 4 th ed., Without changes. against the 1st ed. - Moscow: the publication of the book seller AD Stupin, 1903. - XII, 306 pp., [1] f. portraiture. ; 24 cm. - Bibliograf. in footnotes .
1. Belyaev, Ivan Dmitrievich (1810 - 1873). 2. Peasant Reform of 1861 (collection). 3. The peasantry - Russia - 9 - 18 cc ..
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\n\nThe study of the famous Russian historian, archaeographer, professor of the Moscow University (since 1852), an active member of the Imperial Society of History and Antiquities of the Russian (since 1846) and the Slavophile Ivan Dmitrievich Belyaev (1810 - November 19, 1873), a pupil of the academician of the Petersburg Academy of Sciences (since 1841 Mr. Mikhail Pogodin (1800 - 1875), is devoted to one of the most important and most controversial issues in Russian science and Russian public consciousness of the mid-19th century. The object of the study of ID Belyaev, a supporter of the theory of community life, was the problems of the origin and evolution of the peasant class in Russia, his terminology, the connections between the communities and other estates of the country for several centuries. In 1860, this study was submitted by the author for the master's and doctoral degrees, defended and published by the Moscow University. Given his social and scientific relevance of the research, which has not yet lost its significance, the monograph of I. D. Belyaev was repeatedly reprinted (Izd., 1, M., 1860; Izd., 2 M., 1863; M., 1891, Ed., 4th M., 1903). This publication is published without any changes from the first edition. It has a portrait of ID Belyaev, a brief outline of his scientific activity, lists of the most important historical works published in the editions of the Imperial Society of History and Antiquities of the Russian (in 1845-1861), in other periodicals (magazines and newspapers for 1855-1873 ), separately (in 1857-1871 gg.) and posthumously (in 1873-1903 gg.).\n\n.
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