Peasant business in the reign of Emperor Alexander II. T. 2. Department of Economic

Peasants' business in the reign of Emperor Alexander II: materials for the history of the emancipation of peasants: provincial committees, their deputies and editorial commissions in peasant business / according to official sources. Alexander Skrebitsky . - Bonn on the Rhine: Printed in Type. F. Kruger, 1862-1868
T. 2: Department economic. Part 2: [On the manors and the size of the allotment]. - 1865. - XII, 720-1624, [6] p. .
1. Russia. Editorial commissions for the drafting of regulations on peasants emerging from serfdom. 2. Peasant Reform of 1861 (collection). 3. Provincial Committees. 4. Peasant Reform - Preparation - Russia - 1861.
BBC 63.3 (2) 522-210.6
\n\n\n\nPreparation of peasant reform. Determining the size of farmsteads. Estimation and redemption of estates. Differences in the size of redemption in the Russian regions. Peasant buildings, remaining on the landed land. The transfer of public buildings, caught up in the landlord land. Cases in which peasants relocate without their consent. The amount of compensation for buildings and plantations. Conditions for the transfer of landlord estates. Peasants' obligations.\n\n\n\nTo this volume, statistical tables are attached.\n\n\n\nThe import of the publication to Russia was banned until 1870.\n\n.
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