Lena trekking


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Singer, Max Emmanuilovich (1899-1960).    
Lena trekking: sketches of the first Lena expedition of the Krasin icebreaker, the Arkhangelsk ships Stalin, Pravda, Volodarsky and Omsk motor ship The First Five-Year Plan around the Taimyr Peninsula to the mouth of the Lena, in the Tiksi / Max Singer bay; [reg. artist. N. A. Ushina]. - [Leningrad]: Loiz, type. them. Volodarsky, 1934.-85, [2] p., 1 inc. l. to.: ill. ; 20. -10000 copies. .
I. Ushin, N.A.1. The Lena expedition (1, 1933). 2. Territory (collection). 3. Development of the Arctic (collection).
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Издательство Лоиз, тип. им. Володарского
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