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Literary collection: a collection of scientific and literary articles on Siberia and the Asian East / ed. Ed. "Eastern Review" ed. NM Yadrintsev .- St. Petersburg. : A type. I. N. Skorokhodova, 1885.- 494 pp., [1]. yl. .- Bibliograf. in the text Contents: In the taiga / Curls; Essays on the orders of the land community in the Tobolsk province / S. Ya. Kapustin; Primitive Buddhism / VL; The beginning of the settled life / N. Yadrintsev; On the foreign side / Semiluzhinsky; Natalia Dmitrievna Fon-Vizina / M.S. Znamensky; The forties in Irkutsk / VI Vagin; Olekminskaya California / N.Gr.; The economic life of a Siberian peasant / S. Ya. Kapustin; Theater performances and religious festivities in China / A. Potanin et al. .
BBC 63.3 (2P5)
Source: The Tyumen BSS
Publisher Тип. И. Н. Скороходова
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