Materials for the study of the Ussuri region

  Nadarov, Ivan Pavlovich  (1851-).    
Materials for the study of the Ussuri region: Reports in the Society for the Study of the Amur Region: a) The twenty-fifth anniversary of Vladivostok; b) Khashnin and its production; c) Foreign population / [соч.] I. Nadarova. - Vladivostok: Type. The headquarters of the ports Vost. Ocean, 1886. - 21, 27 with. ; 22 cm. - Without tit. l. - Bibliograf. in the note. .
1. Primorye Territory: pages of history (collection). 2. Hanshin - Production - Ussuri region. 3. Peoples of the Ussuri region - Historical and ethnographic research. 4. Ussuri region - History. 5. Vladivostok, the city - History.
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