Moscow's curious months for the year 1776, and for all high summers, except simple,

  Ruban, Vasily Grigorievich  (1742-1795).    
The Moscow Curious Months for 1776, and for all the high summers, except simple ones: Showing the numbers, or the days of the months according to the old and new style, that is, the Greco-Russian and Gregorian, the Germans and all the almost Europe used, such as the ancient Roman calendar; present-day scholar of the month,: With the inclusion of the annals and other memorabilia of historical, geographical and other. / Was published by Vasily Grigorievich Ruban, collegiate assessor and Volnogo Rossiyskoy meeting at the Imperial Moscow University member. - [Moscow]: Pec. under the Imp. Moscow. un-te, [1775]. - 247 sec. ; 8. - There are var. tit. l. and pp. 23-24, 41-44. At corrected. tit. l. (version 2) there is no name of the ed., but the price of the book is fixed. and the date of publication - 1776. Стр. 24 initial. var. (3): the last line - "From the destruction of Zaporozhye Sich", corrected. var. (4) - "From the establishment of the governorships of Tver and Smolensk." Стр. 42 initial. var. (5): the last medal is the 95th, corrected. var. (6) - the 96th. Стр. 44 initial. var. (7): the first line is "Tver Province"; Correction. var. (8) - "Beloezersk province". - SK XVIII. - V. Painting medals made in Russia from the time of Peter the Great, until now (P.37-42); VIII. Painting of Metropolitans of Kiev, with a short chronicle (P.54-108); IX. Painting of rectors of the Academy of Kiev ... (C.109-120); XIII. Historical news about the Alexandroinsky Seminary (P.127-130); XIX. Historical and topographical news about the city of Kolomna (P.155-163); XXIX. Painting of magistrates and town halls governing the Russian merchants ... (P.196-202); XXX. The description of the route from Orenburg to Khiva and Bukhara, with circumstances belonging to the merchant caravan, merchant Danila Rukavkin (P.203-214), formerly sent from Orenburg to those places; XXXII. Painting, a large number of state and private pharmacies in Russia (P.221-222); XXXIII. Painting, a large number of printing houses in Russia church and civil (P.222-223); [Information about the monasteries and murals of the bishops of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krutitsa, Kolomna, Belgorod., Bonfire. and the Diocese of Sebastia .
1. Calendars of the church - 1776. 2. Mesyatseslovy.
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