Museum-estate of AV Suvorov in the village Konchanskoe

Museum-estate of AV Suvorov in the village Konchanskoe: [documentary] / author and director: A. Tantsyrev; camera and editing: G. Boytsov; Novgorod State United Museum-Reserve. - Electronic data (1 video file). - St. Petersburg: Novgorod State Joint Museum-Reserve: Novgorod Regional Television, 2014. -
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The film tells about the life of the great commander, the history of the memorial house-museum of Suvorov, which was opened in 1942. The estate of AV Suvorov in the village Konchanskoe is the only surviving Suvorov estate. In the 18th century Konchanskoe village - Suvorov patrimony. Fame gained popularity after it became the place of exile of the disgraced commander in 1797-1799. AV Suvorov was dismissed from service by the Emperor Paul I and exiled to the remote estate of Konchanskoe for opposing the Russian army's oppression. Hence, on February 7, 1799, the commander went to the famous Italian-Swiss campaign. - The information of the site is used The Novgorod State United Museum-Reserve ( .
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