Murmansk and Tersky coast


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Ogorodnikov, Evlampy Kirillovich (1816-1884).    
Murmansk and Tersky coast: according to the book of the large drawing / [соч.] E. Ogorodnikov. - St. Petersburg: Maykov printing house, 1869. - 97 p., 1 p. to.; 23 cm. -
Bibliography in the notes. - From the "Notes of the Imperial Russian Geographical Society on the Department of Ethnography, vol. 2, 1868. - Ex. VCMB: the card after restoration, pasted on white paper.
1. Territory of Russia: Murmansk region (collection). 2. Murmansk region: pages of history (collection). 3. "The Book of the Great Drawing." 4. Murmansk shore - Historical and geographical studies. 5. Tersky Shore - Historical and geographical studies.
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