General Necrology of the Cavalry N. N. Raevsky

  Orlov, Mikhail Fedorovich  (1788-1842).     rus
Necrology of the General from the cavalry of N. N. Raevsky .- [S.-Petersburg: V Voen. a type. , cens. 1829] .- 12 seconds. ; 21 cm. - Auth. established by izd .: Chentsov. Decembrist revolt. No. 2598 Without tit. l. and obl. .
ББК 68.424.31дРаевский Н. Н.
ББК 63.3 (2) 521.1-686-8Raevsky N.N.
Source: RSL
Storage: RSL
Publisher В воен. тип.
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