The newest geography of the Russian Empire ,. Part 3

  Zyablovsky, Evdokim Filippovich  (1764-1846).    
The newest geography of the Russian Empire,: Compiled according to its current division, which describes the state limits and its space; seas, lakes, rivers, waterways; mountains, climate and land quality; natural works from all three kingdoms of nature; various inhabitants of the state, their languages, faith, exercises, science and art, domestic and foreign trade; division into provinces and regions, with indication in each number of inhabitants, their industry, needlework and factories. : With the addition of the lands added in 1809 and 1812: Swedish Finland, part of Gallicia, Bessarabia and part of Moldova. . - Moscow: In the University Press, 1814 . - 8 ° (21 cm) cm
Part 3. - 1814. - [4], 267, [1] c. - Appl. to: Zyablovsky, Evdokim Filippovich. The Newest Geography of the Russian Empire, Part 1. - Moscow: At the University Press, 1814 .
1. Gubernia - 19th century .. 2. Russia - History - 19th century ..
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