New research on the Boyar Duma

  Vladimirsky-Budanov, Mikhail Flegontovich  (1838-1916).     rus
New research on the Boyar Duma: [rec. on] N. P. Zagoskin. History of law of the Moscow State. T. II. Central Administration of the Moscow State. Issue. I. Boyar Duma. Kazan, 1879: [rec. on] Kluchevsky. Boyar Duma of ancient Russia. Experience of the history of the government institution in connection with the history of society. (Russian thought, 1880, January, March, April, the work is continuing) / [M. Vladimirsky-Budanov (Prof. Imp-Un. St. Vladimir)]. [St. Petersburg]: type. Bezobrazova and Co., censorship. 1880 .- 21 sec. ; 25 cm. - Auth. specified at the end of the text. l. and obl. .
BBC 63.3 (2) 43-33
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