About the benefits of traveling for nature testing, especially in relation to Russia


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  Makarov, Mikhail Nikolaevich  (1785-1847).     rus
About the benefits of traveling for the testing of nature, especially in relation to Russia: Extract from a letter to NN: Proposed and read 1832 December 17 day in a public meeting established .... under the Imp. Moscow. the Society of Naturalists, a member of the Council of this and an active member of different societies MN Makarov / MN Makarov .- Moscow: Type. August Seeds, at the Imp. Medical-surgeon. acad. , 1833 .- 26 with. ; 20 centimeters .
BBK 26.89 (2)
BBK 63.3 (2) 521.2-7
Source: RSL
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Издательство Тип. Августа Семена, при Имп. мед.-хирург. акад.
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