Overview of the history of Russian law


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  Vladimirsky-Budanov, Mikhail Flegontovich  (1838-1916).    
Review of the history of Russian law / [op.] Prof. MF Vladimirsky-Budanov. - Ed. 6th. - St. Petersburg ; Kiev: Publication of the book seller N. Ya. Ogloblin, 1909. - VI, 699 c. - Bibliography: p. 675-699 .
1. The people (the collection). 2. Law - History - Russia - Teaching aids.
ББК 67.3 (2) я73
Source of electronic copy: NB Rep. Karelia
Location on the secret of the original: НБ Респ. Karelia
Издательство Издание книгопродавца Н. Я. Оглоблина
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