Description of the Amur Region


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  Grum-Grzhimailo, Grigory Efimovich  (1860-1936).    
Description of the Amur Region / comp. G.E. Grum-Grzhimailo; Ed. [and with the preface.] P. P. Semenov. - St. Petersburg: Tipo-lit. and bookbinding. Nikolaeva, 1894. - [2], VI, 640, VIII c., [1] l. to.; 25 cm. - Before the zag: On the instructions of the Minister of Finance. - Alf. decree. geogr. titles: p. 631-639 .
1. Territory of Russia (collection). 2. Amur Region: pages of history (collection). 3. Amur district (Khabarovsk territory) - Historical geography.
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Издательство типо-лит. и переплетная С.М. Николаева
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