Description of a series of old weddings: the great prince Vasily Ioannovich Hrabra (a), and the great princes, kings and grand d...

Description of a series of ancient weddings: the Grand Duke Vasily Ioannovich Hrabra (a), and the great princes, kings and grand dukes: John Vasilyevich Groznago (b), Vasily Ivanovich Shuiskago (c), Mikhail Romanovich Romanov (g). : What kind of rituals took place at that time? / Written from various Russian historical printed books and the ancient likelihood of worthy manuscripts, Vyatka province, the city of Orlov, the burgher John Ternovo-Orel. ; In the summer of 1797 September 1 in Orlov. - Moscow: Univ. type., in Ridiger and Claudia, 1798. - 60 p., [1] l. front., 1 liter. yl. ; 8. - Under one of the grave. Signed: Aaron Vysokogorsky, disciple of the village school, was engraving the village school. - The book is dedicated to AI, VI, MP and AN Voeikov. Hence. part of the note. to the text contains information about the Voeikov family. - On the tit. l. under the letters a, b, c, d are given a substring. note. - List of signers for ed. (C60). - SK XVIII .
1. Ivan IV (the Russian king, 1530 - 1584). 2. Vasily III Ivanovich (Grand Duke of Moscow, 1479 - 1533). 3. Mikhail Fedorovich (Russian Tsar, 1596 - 1645). 4. Vasily Ivanovich Shuisky (the Russian king, 1552 - 1612). 5. Power (collection). 6. Wedding ceremonies - Russia.
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