Liberation of the peasants in the reign of Emperor Alexander II. T. 3. The third period of employment

  Semenov, Nikolay Petrovich  (1823-1904).    
Liberation of the peasants in the reign of Emperor Alexander II: Chronicle of the Commission on Peasant Affairs / [Soch.] N.P. Semenov. T. 1-3 . - St. Petersburg: M.E. Komarov, 1889-1892
T. 3: The third period of classes: Part 1: With portraits. the second before. Komis. gr. VN Panina and the image on 1 table. 10 members and 9 other members of the Red. commis. - 1891. - VIII, 510 p., 1 l. front. (portrait), 2 liters. portraiture. .
1. Russia. Editorial commissions for the drafting of regulations on peasants emerging from serfdom. 2. Peasant Reform of 1861 (collection). 3. Peasant Reform - Preparation - Russia - 1861.
BBC 63.3 (2) 522-210.6
Preparation of peasant reform. Activities of the Editorial Commissions.\n\nThe right of perpetual use of peasants by their allotments. Special rules concerning allotments in the Poltava and Chernigov provinces. Development of a project on world mediators and county world presences. Consideration of the report of the Economic Department on state duties. Meetings with provincial deputies.\n\nAnnexes: a list of members of Provincial Committees of the second convocation (for 22 gubernias and the region of the Don Army). Documentation of the Commissions (special opinions, speeches, memoranda, drafts and petitions, presence journals).\n\n Illustrations: portrait of the Chairman of the Editorial Committees of Count Victor Nikitich Panin (1801-1874); portraits of 19 members of the Editorial Commissions.\n\n.
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